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Honor[Shanxi Lantian Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.]


Qualification certificates

  • Class-A Boiler Manufacturing License
  • Class 2 Boiler Installation License
  • D-Grade Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License
  • The ISO environmental management system certification
  • ISO occupation health certification
  • The ISO quality management system certification

Certificates of honor

  • national technology innovation demonstration enterprise 
  • China Top10 Energy-Saving new Technology application award
  • One of the first batch enterprises of specialized, refined, unique and new environmental protection equipment 
  • The first prize of science and technology of China Association of Resources Comprehensive Utilization
  • The third prize of environmental protection science and technology 
  • Nationwide advanced collective of Resources Comprehensive Utilization technology
  • High-tech enterprise certificate
  • Certificate of Shaanxi Provincial Enterprise Technical Center
  • certificate of the first batch of "circular economy pilot enterprises" in Shanxi Province
  • Shanxi provincial level excellent private enterprise
  • Award of one of the top Ten excellent model energy saving projects (products) of Shanxi province
  • Second Shanxi provincial environmental protection and emission reduction Award

Part of the patent certificates

  • stable combustion method and device for Pulverized coal fired industrial boiler
  • A horizontal pulverized coal boiler with turning type combustion chamber
  • Horizontal tube type forced circulation pulverized coal combustion hot water boiler
  • A horizontal double chamber water tube pulverized coal boiler
  • High efficiency and low NOx pulverized coal burner for medium and small sized industrial boiler
  • A small-sized pulverized coal combustion boiler unit
  • A shell pulverized coal boiler

Member units

  • A standing director unit of China Energy Conservation Association
  • Vice chairman unit of China Environmental Protection Industry Association
  • governing unit of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences
  • governing unit of ESCO Committee of China Energy Conservation Association
  • China Environmental Protection Machinery Industry Association member unit
  • vice-director unit of China Electrical Engineering Thermoelectric Professional Association
  • governing unit of Thermal design professional committee of China Petroleum & Chemical Engineering
  • Exploration & Design Association
  • governing unit of China special equipment safety and Energy Conservation promotion Association
  • The vice-director unit of the Shanxi Environmental Protection Industry Association
  • vice-director unit of Shanxi Association of Environment and Resources Comprehensive Utilization


Group headquarter address: High-Tech International Building B, 227 Changzhi Road, Hi-tech Development Zone, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.

Tel: 0351-6192072