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Engineering Technology Center

The state environmental protection coal-fired industrial boiler energy conservation and pollution control engineering technology center

The state environmental protection coal-fired industrial boiler energy conservation and pollution control engineering technology center(The following  referred to as center)In 2011,Access to the national of environmental protection department for approval to construct,Committed to the field of coal-fired industrial boilers technology、industry、management and consultant the aspects of innovation and service, Actively promote production-study-research cooperation,Promoting the development of environmental protection industry,To carry out international exchange and cooperation in environmental protection,To provide technical services and support for environmental management.

Center based on shanxilantian environmental protection equipment co., LTD,Consists of High efficient coal technology research institute、Pollution control research institute、Equipped with automatic control research institute、New technology promotion and training department、Technology economy and standard department、strategic research and cooperation department、Integrated management department and other seven departments.

The main task of the center:

Development and reflect recycling economy coal-fired industrial boilers Energy saving and pollution control systems technology.

Development on the basis of contract energy management of energy saving and pollution control of combining the technology of coal-fired industrial boiler system.

Entrusted by the administrative department of environmental protection.,For the national, local and coal-fired industrial boiler industry environmental management, supervision and decision to provide technical support and services.

The state environmental protection coal-fired industrial boilers engineering technology center will be about its development goals,According to the current situation of the development of domestic technology and industry characteristics,To establish “Application of new technology development and industrialization, the national environmental management consulting and technical support, industry development service, academic exchanges and talent cultivation”, four one of the overall planning of the layout,Form a combination of "production, study and research" multidimensional innovation platform of science and technology.

1.The core research and management

Engineering center's main technology research and development, management, domestic and foreign exchanges, personnel training, training, information, and other functions institutions located in taiyuan in Shanxi Province "high-tech international building".

2.production, study and research cooperation and external links

For ease of production, study, research and communication、the introduction of talent、Understanding of government and industry technical service support demand in a timely manner, Work of international exchange, Center in the lantian group, a subsidiary of "Beijing dabang energy saving technical service co., LTD." set up the production, management division.

3.Industrial technology experiment and demonstration base

Center in shanxi xinzhou built industrial technology test and demonstration base,Mainly carries on the key technology and equipment of large bench test、Industrial test 、application of new equipment manufacture,、demonstration, and so on.

Center for the development of high efficiency and energy saving technology of pulverized coal fired boiler system,In pulverized coal conveying, combustion, ignition and control made significant technological breakthroughs,has successfully realized the industrialization of production and application, the effect is good.The results of series of products with high efficiency and energy saving, clean environmental protection, the operation is simple, cover an area of an area small, etc.Its innovative technology to become the national "11th five-year plan" the ten major energy conservation construction project, In 2010, the technology system of annual environmental protection science and technology third prize by the ministry of environmental protection,By the national development and reform commission in 2011, included in <the catalog of national energy conservation technology promotion>.

he center has a team of about 100 Talent team,Dr Of 12 , master's degree of 27,Cover the thermal energy and power engineering, environmental engineering, automatic control, chemical engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, and other related majors.The backbone of the research and development team members are engaged in the boiler energy conservation and pollution control technology research and development, has extensive practical experience.


Group headquarter address: High-Tech International Building B, 227 Changzhi Road, Hi-tech Development Zone, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.

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