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Product Introduction

The leading products of Shanxi Lantian Environmental ProtectionEquipment Co., Ltd. for the gas and solid two burning environmental protection boiler and pulverized coal fired industrial boiler, fuel (gas)boiler with circulating fluidized bed boilers, waste incineration boiler,etc..

Since 2005, the company through the combination of independentdevelopment, including high efficiency low NOx combustion, high efficiency dust bag, multistage flue gas desulfurization and other atmospheric pollutants purification technology, high efficient energy-saving environmental protection boiler system technology and flue gas purification equipment, the formation of 2.8MW~ 91MW and 4.0t/h~130t/h series products. Products are widely used in the production of industry building heating and chemical, pharmaceutical,food, paper and other steam supply.

Among them, gas and solid two burning environmental protection boiler and pulverized coal fired industrial boiler with high efficiency(boiler heat efficiency up to 88%), high pollution control configuration(low NOx combustion, efficient bag filter, combustion and post combustion desulfurization), low emission (dust emission concentration ≤ 30mg/Nm3, SO2 ≤ 100mg/Nm3 dischargeconcentration, the concentration of nitrogen oxide emissions below200mg/Nm3) characteristics, pollutants emission close to or reach thelevel of emissions of gas industrial boiler. Some technology reached the international advanced level, the overall reached the international advanced level.

The series of products and equipment developed in view of its highenergy saving and low carbon environmental advantages have been widely promoted, including "14MW efficient pulverized coal fired industrial boiler hot water boiler" was selected by the Ministry of industry and information technology the 2012 annual national"energy-saving electrical equipment (products) recommended directory"; "the distributed high performance of pulverized coal combustion technology and equipment" was selected the national development and Reform Commission released "strategic emergingindustry focus on products and services directory"; "selection in boiler technology" new energy-saving and environment-friendly coal industryof China Energy Conservation Association's "2012 China new technology application of energy saving ten"; "29MW efficientpulverized coal fired industrial boiler" by the State Ministry of science and technology included in the "2012 annual national key new product plan".

"Model of efficient pulverized coal fired industrial boiler - pollutantremoval technology and application" won the national Ministry of science and technology, the establishment of the "China ResourcesComprehensive Utilization of the first prize of science and technology"."New energy efficient pulverized coal fired industrial boiler system technology research and application" won the national Ministry of environmental protection issued by the "environment protection science and Technology Award three".

The company as the main unit, making chaired or participated in apulverized coal fired industrial boiler industry or local standards.Company and the national boiler and pressure vessel Standardization Technical Committee, Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Instituteand other research institutes jointly carried out "pulverized coal fired industrial boiler" industry standards; the company as the main drafting units, and the Committee of economy and information technology,Shanxi Province Environmental Protection Bureau of Shanxi provinceto develop local standards of Shanxi Province: "pulverized coal fired industrial boiler the atmospheric pollutant emission", "industrial pulverized coal boiler general technical conditions", "pulverized coal fired industrial boiler system technical specification".

The company has an annual output of 18000 tons of steam modelefficient environment protection boiler and flue gas purificationequipment specialized production lines, which can provide diagnosis,heating technology for customer engineering design, equipment supply, installation and operation, investment and financing service.Currently in Shanxi, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Liaoning, Gansu, Yunnan,Shaanxi, Fujian, Shandong, Tianjin, Guangxi and other provinces ofthe popularization and application of series of new and efficient environmental protection boiler and flue gas purification equipmenthundreds of sets, the total capacity of about 11000 tons of steam.Implementation of annual coal saving of about 180 million tons,reducing SO2 emissions of about 53000 tons, reducing NOxemissions of about 8000 tons, to reduce dust emissions by about 11000 tons.

Group headquarter address: High-Tech International Building B, 227 Changzhi Road, Hi-tech Development Zone, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.

Tel: 0351-6192072