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CCHP System

Product Description

Combined Cooling, Heating and Power system (CCHP) is a poly-generation energy supply system integrating cooling, heating and power generation on the basis of energy cascade utilization. The study on supplying energy to different public areas by use of CCHP technology to reduce wastage during transmission and improve energy efficiency has been carried out for decades both at home and abroad. The CCHP technology and equipment for public buildings that is mainly oil/gas-fired has already been put into commercial application. It is a new efficient building energy-supply technology to integrate the conventional and CCHP technology, which has remarkable effects on energy saving and emission reduction. In line with the “abundant in coal, lack of oil and short in gas” energy and resource characteristics of our country, this technology is a new direction of the development of cogeneration system.

The CCHP technology developed by Shanxi Blue Sky can achieve refined combustion of special pulverized coals by using a new type of efficient low NOx burner. Also, by the use of multistage pollutant combination purification technology, it can remove pollutants synergistically at multiple stages, and can realize clean combustion and emission, reaching or close to the gas emission target for pollutant emissions including PM2.5. At the same time, by producing high quality steam using CCHP as the driving power source for the compressor by heating and cooling technology, it can help with refrigeration cycle of lithium bromide (LiBr) unit; and it restores heat source for heating in winter through the steam heat exchanger; all in all, the CCHP system control has realized automation.

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