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Flue gas purification system

Product introduction

Dust collector is a device for separating and collecting dust, carbon particles, droplets from the gas containing dust. According to the separation principle, trap set, can be divided into mechanical dust collector, dust scrubber, bag type dust collector, acoustic filter,electrostatic precipitator. According to the separation process ofdrying degree, can be divided into wet dust and dry dust collector.

Shanxi Lantian Environmental Protection Equipment Co. Ltd. is the main equipment of bag type dust collector, the device uses a bag andautomatic control technology will be dust containing flue gas through the filter material, the dust is filtered. Filter material collecting coarse dust mainly depends on the inertial collision, collecting a fine dustmainly by diffusion and sieving effect, the dust filter layer also has a certain degree of filtration.

Technical characteristics

  • The dust removal efficiency is high, more than 99% in general, esp outlet gas dust concentration within tens of milligrams per cubic metre,the submicron dust grains size has high classification efficiency.
  • Air handling range wide, only small number of cubic meters perminute, big can reach tens of thousands of cubic meters per minute,which can be used for flue gas of industrial furnace, reducing airpollutant emissions.
  • Has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.
  • In order to ensure the same high dust removal efficiency, cost is lower than the electric dust collector.
  • The glass fiber, PTFE, P84, temperature resistant, high temperatureconditions can be over 200 ℃ under operation.
  • Insensitivity to dust, not affected by dust and resistance.

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