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Garbage incineration boiler

Product introduction

Circulating fluidized bed waste incineration power generation technology is a new set of circulating fluidized bed combustion technology which is developed based on waste incineration, heating, power generation is one of the advanced waste treatment technologies, the furnace fuel in line with the characteristics of low calorific value of MSW in China, high moisture, through to the domestic waste incineration treatment, to achieve sound, reduction, and the use of heat recovery by heating, power supply, achieve the reasonable utilization of resources. At present, the technology has been in various provinces and cities nationwide area get application and popularization, processing scale in 200t/d~3000t/d, with the city development, city garbage is increased gradually, the market application prospect and influence will continue to expand.

Our company through the implementation of technical innovation and development of traditional circulating fluidized bed waste incineration power generation technology, the core technology such as waste pretreatment, waste separation, waste incineration, circulating fluidized bed design, flue gas purification treatment of technology research and breakthrough project, daily processing scale is in the range of 350t/d~3600t/d, the initial formation of commercial application market.

The classic case

Case 1: power generation of municipal solid waste incineration in Xinzhou

Xinzhou city as the central and northern part of Shanxi province higher level of economic development of counties and cities, life trash quantity with the development of city is also growing, it is necessary to strengthen the waste recycling and harmless treatment. According to the present situation, our company designed daily processing 700 tons of garbage incineration power generation project is a good solution to this problem, the project has been planning the construction, annual processing waste volume of 219000 tons, equivalent to 38700 tons of standard coal, the annual sales of electricity 127500000 degrees is equivalent to annual savings of 54000 tons of standard coal.

Project basic information:

  • Application Architecture: in line with national standards for energy conservation;
  • Use: treatment of domestic garbage;
  • Incinerator size: 2*350t/d;
  • The project construction period: 18 months;
  • The project emission reductions: 151937.5tCO2;
  • The project emission reduction cost: 849.2 yuan /t-CO2;

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