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New energy efficient gas-solid burning environmental protection boiler

New energy efficient gas-solid burning environmental protection boileris a new type of boiler system developed based on pulverized coalboiler, the system uses natural gas, liquefied gas and coal, biomassand other solid fuels, is exasperating, solid fuel burning alone, can also be made to a certain proportion, solid fuel combustion. The boiler system adopts hierarchical low NOx combustion, furnace desulfurization, flue gas purification, full automatic control technology,realize the energy saving and high efficiency, which means that the stop, automatic operation and clean emission objective.

At present, the domestic focus of the city are faced with how to transform traditional industry boiler problems, one option would be tocoal-fired boiler backward instead of coal-fired boiler advanced;another option is to coal-fired boilers with gas boilers. However, the massive use of coal-fired boilers with gas boilers and there are many problems.

Gas solid dual burning environmental protection boiler can adapt to the situation requirement. First of all, do not have the gas, the boiler to coal as fuel, compared with the traditional coal-fired boilers, more than 30% energy saving, emission of pollutants near the gas effect;secondly, the future with the gas supply condition or have a higher environmental protection requirements, the boiler can be directlyusing gas as fuel. Efficient combustion retrofit disposable boiler can realize coal, but also can realize the coal to gas target. If the local two fuels are, but the fuel supply is not stable, according to the season,with the change of gas fuel reserves, only not only coal, pollution is serious, the boiler can also solve the local government dilemma.

Gas solid dual fuel system technology and environmental protection boiler can meet the national and local existing strict environmental requirements, but also can adapt to more stringent environmentaltrends for the future, and has significant economic and social benefits.

Technical characteristics

  • Gas solid dual combustion can realize natural gas, liquefied gas and other gas or coal, biomass and other separate burning solid burning alone, also can be mixed according to a certain proportion of the dual combustion two fuels.
  • The air distribution combustion with low nitrogen (spatial three-dimensional air staging) and two times of reburning technology,through the burner arrangement, fuel switching optimization design,realization of the furnace heat transfer and low nitrogen combustion efficiency.
  • Efficient dust with high efficiency up to 99.96% efficient bag filter or electric bag filter dust, ensuring low emission. Ability to intercept the efficient bag filter on PM2.5, effectively reduce the PM2.5 emissions.
  • Multi section removal of pollutants such as integration through efficient dust removal technology clean emission, low nitrogen combustion, sulfur, to dust ≤ 30mg/Nm3, SO2 ≤ 100mg/Nm3, NOx ≤200mg/Nm3, lower than the national emission standards, to meet strict environmental protection requirements.
  • Simple operation using visual intelligent measurement and control system, workers in the computer control room can comprehensively understand the operation of each part of the boiler room, realize the reasonable coordination of automatic control and auxiliary boiler control system.

The classic case

Case one: Taiyuan City Wu Shu Cun central heating project

The project uses 3 4.2MW new energy efficient gas solid dual burningenvironmental protection boiler, instead of the region in the original small coal-fired boilers and small household boilers more than 500 units, the central heating construction area of 200000 m2, solves thesmall coal-fired boiler energy waste and serious pollution problems.The boiler system using gas as fuel, the boiler thermal efficiency of 93%; with coal as fuel, the boiler thermal efficiency is 88%; the emission concentration are all meet the national emission standardsand strict.

The main design parameters

  • Rated evaporation (MW): 3*4.2;
  • Rated working pressure (MPa): 1;
  • Supply water temperature (c): 95;
  • Rated temperature (c): 70;

Case two: Weifang Yixing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. for the gasproject

Weifang Yixing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection oforganic fine chemical products R & D, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, in 2012 the new annual output of 100000 tons of SEC butyl acetate project choose our 35t/h and 75t/h new energy efficient gas solid dual burning environmental protection boiler. The boiler system with low ene - high octane gas (SEC butyl acetate by-product) and coal as fuel, according to the mixedproduction for gas - solid fuel combustion of different proportion.

The main design parameters

  • Rated evaporation (t/h):35+75;
  • Rated steam pressure (MPa):1.6/3.82;
  • Rated steam temperature (° C):204/450;
  • Design of fuel: AIII (Q);
  • The thermal efficiency of the boiler: = 90%;

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