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Operation model

Blue sky environmental protection equipment co., LTD., as a new type of high efficiency and energy saving in Shanxi environmental protection boiler manufacturers, has a "national environmental protection coal-fired industrial boiler energy conservation and pollution control engineering technology center" and other excellent team and high-quality marketing services personnel, can according to customer's specific situation combined with the existing operation mode, providing customers with the boiler technical diagnosis, design of boiler, boiler manufacturing, boiler installation and maintenance, system operation, after-sales service and a series of services.

Direct selling

To sell directly to the customers, and to reflect to the customers the enterprise’s technology level and service ability


Typical direct selling model: Wulabo Heating Station of Urumqi, Xinjiang Province

BOT model

BOT (Build Operate Transfer) mainly refers to an operation model of building, operating and transferring, wherein our company receives a concession from a customer to finance, design, construct, operate and maintain a planned heat source project stated in the concession contract. This enables our company to make a profit by operating the project within the period specified in the contract, during which our company bears the corresponding risks and the customer reserves the rights of supervision and control over this project. Upon the expiry of the contract,our company transfers the project to the customer according to the contract agreements. BOT model is mostly used in municipal heating and industrial steam supply.

BOT model typical case: Yunnan Dali project

EMC model

The energy management contract model, under which our company provides a package of services including energy system diagnosis, energy saving project design, project financing, equipment installation and commissioning and project management, under energy service contracts signed with customers. The characteristic of the new energy-saving mechanism is there is no risk for the customer companies, since all the EMC project investments are funded by our company. And our company undertakes the risks, and finally through sharing the energy-saving benefits generated from the implementation of the projects with customer companies recover the investments.

EMC model typical case: Shanxi Fuli City Project

BT model

BT (build-transfer), a transformation of BOT model, is a cooperation model under which our company undertakes overall operation of a project. After financing, building and acceptance inspection, the project then is transferred to the customer, who pays our company the total amount of investment plus a reasonable return. At present, adopting the BT model for construction fund-raising has become an investment form for the governments to use non-government capital for some infrastructure constructions.

BT model typical case: Hui County Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

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