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Shanxi Blue Sky Group is committed to energy conservation and environmental protection, and strives to be a leading brand of China's low carbon economy. Shanxi Lantian Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd, a manufacturer of the new high-efficient energy-saving environment-friendly boilers, has excellent R & D teams such as the "National Environmental Protection Engineering and Technical Center for Energy Efficiency and Pollution Control of Industrial Coal-Fired Boiler" and high-quality marketing personnel. Combining with the existing mode of operation, we can provide customers with a range of services including technical diagnosis, design, boilers manufacturing, equipment installation and maintenance, system operation and after sale service according to customers’ specific situations.

Service team

Shanxi Lantian adheres to the service principle of "loving our customers and creating value for customers", to ensure good quality and reputation of the Blue Sky brand. We will write new chapter of environmental protection and energy saving together with our customers, employees and partners! Also adhering to the service principle of "integrity as fundamental, quality as priority, technology as soul, the team as the main body, and customers come first". Our company thinks of what the customers would like to think, and grows together with our customers.

Energy saving and high efficiency

Arrange our senior technical staff to assist clients with the design of heating scheme and construction scheme according to their actual needs

The contract implementation tracking

Trace the production process constantly after sale contracts being signed to ensure the quality of the products

After-sale service

Equipped with modern automatic control technology, we have achieved automatic control for the boiler operation, coal transmission, combustion, desulfurization and dust removal, deslagging and so on, making few stokers and good working environment.

Group headquarter address: High-Tech International Building B, 227 Changzhi Road, Hi-tech Development Zone, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.

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